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The Midnight Times

Global Weather Crisis

Weather control systems crash all over the world. Our Ibbenbüren correspondent Peter Schuster talked to chairmen of international weather control companies.

SINCE creation of Earth the making of weather was monopol and duty of various gods from many cultures. In Greece and the Roman Empire, Zeus (also known as Jupiter Maius) ruled the weather, using his own invention - one of the first better European weather systems, the legendary NC-5451-7/KY. Donar (also known as Thor) used the less approved Stern-Hagel-Voll-1 for the Central European and Skandinavian weather controlling. Even before, Gods in Egyptland used a "High-Tech" weather control system but its technic is not understandable anymore for today's gods. There is not much knowledge about early African, American, Asian and Australian weather control systems. When Christianity took over the weather systems of their colonies the former weather gods were superseded by Simon Petrus, the Christian weather officer. He released a new weather system standard, WWS-000000-7. Using this standard, the world's weather systems have been running for almost one thousand years. Even now, when weather systems have been privatized, this standard is still used. The dark side of privatizing is that town councils may now choose their weather company on their own; international law was changed in 1995, now allowing privat commercial weather control companies and destroying the old devine weather monopol.

This law caused several problems all over the world. As said above, town and city councils may choose the weather control company for their towns' weather. Problems appear when small towns like Germany use different weather control companies than their neighbourgh towns. In Westfalia, Germany most of the towns are customers of Deutsche WetterCon AG which has split up from the old Christian weather system and is lead by Donar (Thor). But Ibbenbüren uses Greece Weather Ltd, lead by Jupiter Maius. The two weather systems used by the two companies are partly incompatibly configurated so that they caused a hardly controlable chaos in that region of Germany. The weather changed repidly there. Similiar problems appeared in other countries all over the world. Many devine specialists lost their jobs in international weather companies. Now they are missing to solve the technical problems with those old weather control systems.

A speaker of the Ibbenbüren Office For Weather Affairs pointed out that they wouldn't use Deutsche WetterCon AG again. Jupiter Maius, former Roman God of Thunder, now leading manager of Greece Weather Systems Ltd, accuses Deutsche WetterCon AG for bad influence caused by too high radiation. Donar refuses that accuse, German law disturbed their global organisation, he told. But a solution will soon appear, the Internaional weather control companies agreed to take part at an international weather congress in Ibbenbüren next month to find a global standard for similiar issues.

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