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One Night At The Aasee

Darkness had fallen over Ibbenbüren. I went into the night to meet the lake called Aasee. The main street of Ibbenbüren was not full of cars, some passed by, blinding with their lights. In some houses the lights were still turned on, a night club showed red signs. I crossed the road and got away from from the noisy lights of the streets, made my step into the dark area of Aasee.

The lanterns which enlightened the way around the lake had been turned off already. A half moon made my body throw a shadow onto the ground. I looked up into a clear sky and saw the stars, the comet Hyakutake passing by, and I started my walk, and I wandered. A quite familiar silence covered the area. My thoughts became evil, wandered about to demons and devils of darkness, made me see things I better shouldn't have seen. A large shadow approached me. While it was decreasing its distance I tried to avoid a collision and to evade but it followed my steps. I stood still. The shadow became a bicycle which passed by and vanished as if it had never appeared. So I continued walking.

Demons again came into my head. I reached a boat house, and I suddenly heard steps. Steps made by invisible feet. I looked around, stopped walking, but I still saw nobody. The steps were still there. A shudder trickled and flew down my back. I listened to that strange noise carefully. There were little waves breaking at the shores. The noise might be caused by them. Still full of doubts, I returned to my path and took a last careful look into the direction of the noises, sighed, and went on.

I passed trees, bushes, willows. Far away I saw three white lights. A train, a lonesome train following the old rails to its doom. It might be a ghost train full of lost souls on their way to hell passing Ibbenbüren - who knows. Sounding like an ordinary train, it vanished into the darkness of the night. I saw large clouds and red lights at the far away power plant when I left the playground to my right. Murderers joined my demonic thoughts. I didn't know if a person who might have passed would be more scared of me than scare me. I saw the bright moon light reflected by the dark water and I prayed I might return home alive to write you about those experiences.

No person passed me. The old church's old clock reported the time of 11 pm. Still no cloud disturbed the clear sky which might be so close to heaven. Why did I come here, I thought. I was scared by the thoughts. How crazy must a person be to go to the lake at that time, alone? Why did I come there? I had nearly completed the round. The bright lights of the road, of the video shop, of the China restaurant already blinded me again. Taking a final look of the water and the sky I left the area and entered the road, grateful that I was still alive.

Now I write you that story in candle light and the shudder is still underneath my skin, and I hope you'll enjoy it a little bit and share a few scary feelings.

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